There are many colour cards on the market but we think ours is uniqueWe have chanelled all of the industrial experience of our colour group into producing an easy-to-use card that is economic in cost and economic in time with palettes merchandised into core basics and fashion highlights. This product speaks the language of colour, embracing everything from fashion to interiors, cosmetics to industry.

This product is a proven tool, simple to use with proven results. This is what you get. The key colours where we introduce each palette with four key colours, which form your merchandising base. 

  • - Key + supplementary colours where we add two to four supplementary colours to the key colours to develop, transform and individualise the core. 
  • - Harmony pages creating colour mixes and harmonies is one of the great strengths of the PantoneView Colour Planner.
  • - Product pages where we show you how product ranges can now be coloured up.
  • - Download of a complete catalogue of each and every visual image used throughout the colour trend report by story chapter and end-use, plus our renowned film about the season concerned.